I have another career besides writing. Like most writers these days, it's not possible to maintain a living with the pen. My other hat is music, which has been an equally dominant force in my life and I have been a professional musician (guitarist) practically all my working life. Blues, folk, world music with touches of country, rock and jazz has been my chosen field. After ten years 'on the road', with various musical outfits, the vague desire to write, which I'd harboured since a teenager, became a more urgent need, so I decided to change course and become a music teacher.

This was a big decision but something more stable and settled than gigging was needed and this is what I came up with. It took me a few years to establish a client base and since then this part of my life had more or less run itself. I have very committed students, many staying with me for ten years or more - seems hard to believe but it’s true! It's mainly enjoyable, but you need staying power and patience-lots of it.

Taking a youngster from total beginner to advanced status, and even on to becoming a professional musician is a very rewarding experience. I have done this with a number of students, my 'jewels in the crown', as it were, but any student who progresses is enjoyable.

These days I am starting to slowly rundown my teaching business, concentrating more on musicians who are already well on the way to being good. After more then 15,000 one-to-one music lessons (I never teach groups) I feel I've earned the right to do this- and it also gives me more time to write. The day job of teaching does not mean that I've become moribund as a player myself. When time permits, I try to keep my ' live hand' in, sometimes playing with my students who have gone on to be professionals themselves, sometimes doing sessions with more seasoned players. This is not a commercial activity for me but I have been involved with a number of CDs in the last ten years, which have been well received by my small band of supporters.

Postcard From Anywhere | Haze On the Skyline | Big Fat Moon* | Indigo Blue

* with Richard Jones, one of my best early students

with Dave Williams, another young virtuoso

These recordings were a two guitar duo format, covering original material, and interpretations of jazz and blues standards. They are not commercial releases, but if anyone is interested in hearing them please contact me via the website.

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