My most recent novels, Dead Pretty, its sequel The Lost Ones and Alibi for a Life are now also available as a Kindle Ebook (Get the apps here)

His characters breathe, make you care. One day the people who count will realise that Roger Granelli is one of the best street-level thriller writers around - Phil Rickman, Author

"Granelli is an author with a cohesive style, tight and effective, with a pretty decent grasp of the dark places of the psyche. Mark Richards operates on instinct and intuition and is unshakeably realistic and comprehensively drawn. The plot is firm and solidly built, and is relevant to the times. Granelli should appeal to readers of grisly realistic thrillers and is the best such author to revel in his Welsh roots. And I liked it!"- Waterstones

"This is a thriller which will lead you by the nose through some fine writing. Granelli sets the scenes in London, South Wales and Amsterdam with keen observation and gives us characters that may sometimes be extreme but are always believable. The pace is electric and keeps you hooked. It would make a good film as well as a good read" - Western Mail

“Granelli turns in a really good second novel for Accent. Mark Richards is a sympathetic private investigator, thrown into some horrific East European crime spree in which he time and again outwits the criminals. Excellent. “- Books Monthly Magazine

I have a large back catalogue of publications, however with the increasing popularity of the ebook format I am presently engaged in the digitisation of many of my pre-digital publications. This has turned out to be quite a labour-intensive task! Watch this space for further news.

I’ve now realised that the 30,000 word limit of Amazon Singles is no longer enough to fully portray the Mafia crime world of Palermo, so I'm currently working on a new full length novel continuing the story of Carlo and Leo’s never ending fight against crime.

This should be finished in the autumn of 2018