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"The Lost Ones is the new masterpiece from Roger Granelli, the best-kept secret in Welsh thriller writing. The stunning sequel to Dead Pretty, it is the second book featuring private eye Mark Richards.

Mark Richards has returned to work with the Half Moon Detective agency, thinking his ordeal is over. He could not be more wrong. He has half a million pounds worth of illicit diamonds in his possession - the cause of all his problems in Dead Pretty - and the Albanian gangsters who originally owned them still want them back. They also want Mark dead.

Mark takes an agency job to search for JJ, a six years old boy who disappeared from a south Wales housing estate six months ago. Mark’s own brother Shane disappeared at a similar age twelve years ago and was never found so this job has a very personal resonance for Mark.

Complicated lives and situations collide - and a bloody and high octane climax is played out amidst the wide-open landscape of Lindisfarne, culminating on the battlements of Lindisfarne Castle.

A stunning new book from Roger Granelli, the Welsh thriller master."

"The Lost Ones", the sequel to "Dead Pretty" is now available as an Amazon e-book

My first book "Crystal Spirit" is due for release as an ebook from Amazon

"Dead Pretty" has hit the No.2 spot in the Amazon Charts!

My first novel dealt with a subject close to my heart.

Amongst my influences have been a number of writers, chiefly George Orwell, whose exploits in the Spanish Civil War are well documented. My high school French teacher Morien Morgan (husband of noted Welsh writer and academic, Elaine Morgan) was a veteran of the international brigade in this conflict which is now seen by many historians as something of a live rehearsal for the the later conflict now known as World War 2.

I had long wanted to tell the story of the war as it was seen through the eyes of one such idealistic adventurer and with Morien's help as advisor and mentor, Crystal Spirit was born.

Students of Orwell will recognise the title from the last line of an untitled (by Orwell) poem he wrote in memory of the anonymous Italian soldier who welcomed him to the ranks of the International Brigade and who, for Orwell, exemplified the people for whom the conflict was a personal struggle for freedom but who were also the principal casualties.

Status Zero

Crystal Spirit


Dark Edge

The last of my Seren of my novels converted to ebook format is Status Zero, which was the first introduction to Mark Richards, the protagonist of Dead Pretty and The Lost Ones.

The novel is effectively a prequel to Dead Pretty and fills in many of the gaps in Mark Richards back story. This in response to many of the questions raised and requests received from readers of Dead Pretty

In September 2013 my first Amazon Single was published. Pushover is the story of two cultures coming together with violent and tragic consequences.

Elkins arrived in Cardiff in 1946, a refugee from the Holocaust. Now an old man, he's weighed down with a survivor's guilt, haunted by his memories. Kev and Dean are football hooligans, drunk on cheap lager and easy violence. The season is nearly over, and they need a way to fund their summer. A chance encounter causes these three lives to come crashing together one fateful night.

Pushover went to the No.1 slot in Amazon's short stories in its first week!

In the dog-eat-dog world of Palermo, Sicily, the police and Mafia maintain a fragile peace: a carefully managed balance between corruption and justice. But when a mysterious third force enters the fray, the city erupts into all-out street warfare.

The new band of masked vigilantes is attacking customers at sleazy nightclubs and brothels, undermining the power of the Mafia dons who control them. Inspector Carlo Carpanini and chief Mafioso Salim Mandretta both want answers—but where to begin? After a particularly deadly raid on one of Mandretta’s clubs, the shocking truth emerges: the gang leader is Adelina Cervi, a disaffected former police officer. Her so-called Stiletto Sisters are out for revenge against the Mafia crooks who’ve used and abused them.

As the violence continues, Carpanini and Mandretta find themselves in a desperate race to restore their own brand of order. But which of them will intercept the vigilantes first?

Stiletto Sisters is the fifth instalment in Roger Granelli’s gripping Palermo series.