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Palermo Series

Mark Richards Trilogy

Dead Pretty

Mark Richards, whose troubled past was first chronicled in "Status Zero" is now a private detective in London living a comparatively comfortable life with his East European girlfriend and former model, Lena.

On returning home to find Lena brutally and inexplicably murdered Mark embarks on an enraged pursuit of the people responsible for Lena's death and, as the trail leads to an Albanian organised crime syndicate and some very deep water indeed, Mark finds himself once again having to deal with the remergence of ghosts from his past...

Crystal Spirit

is the thrilling story of David Hicks, petulant son of a Welsh collier, determined to escape the pit but trapped in an early marriage and a career he despises. Although denied his freedom, David grows to maturity through the labour movement and joins the International Brigade to serve in the Spanish civil war.

 Crystal Spirit is a gripping and affecting story, poignant and utterly compelling, and sympathetic in its portrayal of life in the Depression. It is full of remarkable scenes from the civil war and is  a moving testament to those who suffered in Spain and Wales, yet remained undefeated to the horrors of poverty and a brutal,internecine war.

Out of nowhere

Talented Welsh guitarist Frank Magnani arrives in fifties New York  hoping to break into the smoky world of modern jazz. Coming from the austerity of post-war Britain to a land of plenty he finds there’s plenty to learn, both on and off the stage.  He must find himself in a world where ego is king, the musicians are mostly black and drink and drugs fuel creativity.

Caught up in the violence of the city, Magnani flees on a journey through the southern states and also his own mental state . His personal voyage, which also takes him to Greece, is complete when he returns to the club scene of New York in a dramatic climax to his career and this very atmospheric novel.

Dark Edge

This book is set in the Miners’ Strike of 1984. Two brothers find themselves in the no man’s land between police line and picket line. Edwin Bowes, a union official, is deeply involved in organising striking miners and defending his community. His younger brother is an ambitious policeman who sees promotion in the strike. The two men face each other in a conflict in which they both must fight. Inevitably they are drawn to the point of personal confrontation, yet, unknown to both, a dark secret in Elliot’s past will cause a bloody and violent conclusion to their growing feud.

Dark Edge is the story of a family, a community and a country at war. Personal, communal and political survival are at stake in a situation which forces ordinary people to discover new reserves of character.


Risk is set against the backdrop of life in the Welsh valleys. This edgy novel delves into addiction and the psychotic mind to leave the reader reeling. James Read is a troubled man in his forties. A gambling addiction has destroyed his life, career and marriage. After a period of living in squats and on the street he ends up in a hostel, where he meets Colin, a Falklands war veteran with schizophrenia. James does not think his life can get any worse, but it can, and doing ,with  amazing, incendiary results as he struggles to survive.

Status zero

This very powerful novel is the story of an adolescent starting from a perilous position in society which couldn’t give a damn. Provocative, moving, it is also the story of a boy becoming a man, challenged by responsibilities action films never tell you about. Read about Mark ‘Psycho Eyes' Richards (see also Dead Pretty) and his amazing journey.

Losing it

Losing It is a Quick Read , part of a national adult literacy project, featuring books especially written for readers who might not have had the opportunity to read before. Losing It is a hard-hitting short novel about drug dealing, revenge, and general mayhem in a south Wales valley.

Baldock is a local drug dealer, and hard man of the criminal community. His life is not straight forward. At home sits his dependent, wheel-chair bound father, a world war two veteran who has no idea about his son’s drug empire. This taut father and son relationship is the backdrop to Baldock’s increasingly desperate need to find and deal with TJ, one of his drug runners who has crossed him. Baldock neglects his father’s needs, with dramatic, incendiary results that will change his life forever.

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is a subtle  and compelling examination of human motives and desires,  crossing and re-crossing the lines between love and hate, friendship and passion. It is the start of the new millennium, and Rob and Cath’s fiery relationship begins to unravel. The split sends Rob-artist, musician and dreamer- into a nightmare of paranoia and resentment, while Cath’s resolve is threatened by fear, and by loyalty to the man she once loved.  This book confronts the often unpalatable realities of human relationships, and asks if stability can ever be found in an ever-changing world.

Now available as a Kindle Ebook!

Cast a Deadly Shadow cover

Cockatrice Publications

Any Kind of Broken man

A veteran of the war with Japan confronts the Japanese factory which has revivified his valley. An ageing Navajo on the edge of the desert meets his doctor son’s white bride. A young jazz musician walks into a club with a pistol in his pocket, and a young criminal from the valleys who is suspected of murder finds peace of mind on a Scottish beach.

Grounded in the post-industrial communities of Wales, yet encompassing Spain, Malaysia and the Florida Keys, this collection spans the career of a prominent novelist from the early 1990s to the present day. Drug dealers, labourers, invalids and war criminals confront the start of a new century, the death of old certainties and old ways of life, the comforting weight of bitterness and the fearful beginnings of hope.