I have been teaching guitar for more than twenty years. At first it was in addition to working as a professional musician ( I’d done ten years ‘on the road’ before I began teaching, but gradually the teaching took over. It has given me the more stable lifestyle I needed to write ( see my writing pages )

Blues, jazz, rock and folk are my chosen fields and I’ve performed professionally in all of them in the UK, Europe and America. At first, like all music teachers starting up, I had mainly students who were beginners but this quickly changed to more advanced players and then to full time professionals and even other music teachers as my reputation spread. This was very gratifying for me. Some of my students have been with me for more than ten years, one of two for almost twenty years! I know it sounds crazy but this is true. Obviously these people have become good friends of mine and their lessons is as much of a social activity as well as musical.

I have been educated to postgraduate( M.A.) music level and can teach all styles and standards to the highest levels. I also offer a lifetime of experience which I feel is invaluable to give weight to the lessons and advise students on any aspects of their musical development ( how to deal with agents, signing contracts etc etc) So many ‘guitar teachers’ out there have very little ( if any) playing experience let alone professional playing experience which I feel greatly invalidates their tuition.

I teach only on a one-to-one basis but would consider a shared lesson with two students if absolutely necessary.

My current fees( June2010) are £15 per 45 minutes lesson or £20 per hour, though I am always willing to be flexible regarding the students’ needs and budgets.

Despite the teaching and writing I try to remain fresh as a player myself. When time permits I try to ‘keep my hand in ’by playing with some of my students who have gone on to be professionals themselves, and also doing recording sessions with more seasoned pro’s. Although this is no longer a commercial enterprise for me I have been involved in a number of CD’s in the last ten years, which have been received well. These recordings are two guitar format, covering original material and interpretations of jazz and blues standards. There are sound clips listed below. If you are interested in checking out the full CD’s please contact me. email